Birthday Poem: Love Poem of a Daughter

On my first birthday here in CA in May 2007, my youngest daughter, suprised me with a very touching poem in multi-colored letters for framing. I should say she is also a poet in her own heart and i thank God for this. Ha ha ha ha! Could it be that it runs in the blood? But i did cry when I read her masterpiece of love and i hugged her tightly in thanksgiving.

At first, I was reluctant to post this poem but then i remembered that I want to give glory to God for blessing my daughter in describing Sualai in that poem.

Just like the lyrics of a song….” In my life, Lord, be glorified, be glorified!” and so I give all the glory to our loving, compassionate and merciful God, Who makes all things beautiful in my life.

And the poem runs like this:


Sweet and serene yet
Undaunted by life’s misgivings.
Adversities were graces and great blessings
Lovingly shares learning and talents.
As always, dear Sualai,
Affectionately and tirelessly gives solace
to the grief and heartaches of others….
Indeed generous with time and prayers,
with patience and heart
for others.

Our dearest Sualai…..

Sincere….Simple…. and Spiritual
Unconditionally dedicated to people she cares for and love.
Accepting of others with open arms and heart,
Loyal & loving, and always with deep concern & devotion
Amazingly admirable! What more can we say!
Inspires … not just the lives…
… not only the heart…
… but the very soul…… the very being of
every one she meets…..
she touches with her
healing hands & healing love.

Sualai is that and many more
You simply just have to experience the
Sualai effect to understand!
And truly……

Undoubtedly and
Love her
And is
Important and
irreplaceable in
our lives.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Poem: Love Poem of a Daughter”

  1. You are so blessed to have a daughter who can really express the real you. Her description of you comes from the heart,and yes, the heart matters and matters of the heart do matter.

  2. Very well done, I am blessed that I know Sualai and part of her life. She is truly like Mom in her poetry. God bless the whole family. Love you all

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