Hymn of the Angels (part 2)

This is a continuation of the miracles of the Hymn of the Angels to those who pray this hymn of grace.

This hymn is likened to a rainbow. A rainbow is the sign of God’s covenant or promise to His people and all living beings that the waters shall never again become a flood to destroy all mortal beings. (Gen 9: 13-16)

“To a rainbow it is like from the waters to the sky”….this means that when we travel by sea or by plane, we will be safe if we pray the Hymn of the Angels.

Around fifteen years ago, I was invited to give a Healing Seminar in Alcantara, Romblon, an island in the Philippines. I remember that it was November, a month of typhoons in our country and a current strong typhoon was having a havoc to the areas it visited.

When the coordinator told me that we have to travel by sea because their airport was not operable, I told her, I have to pray over it. ha haha ha ha..as I whispered to her ears, “I do not know how to swim” ha ha ha ha ha, as if knowing it will surely save me from a turbulent and angry sea.

When I told my husband about the invitation, the first thing he told me was, ” Oh, you don’t know how to swim! ” Ha ha ha ha, we had the same line of thinking! However, without telling me, everyday, he visited the Perpetual Adoration Chapel of our parish before going to the office and prayed. ” Jesus, if it is really Your will that my wife should accept the invitation for her to give that Healing Seminar, then You will stop this typhoon and our Weather Bureau just announced that a much stronger typhoon was coming and that is the date she has to travel. Your will be done, Lord!”

The following morning was a beautiful sunny day. As we had our breakfast, my husband told me, ” Ahhhh, how the Lord loves you indeed!” And I asked him, ” Why did you say that?” And he answered me, ” Don’t you see the sun shining? And then he read to me the headline in the newspaper…”The super typhoon changed its course and will no longer hit the island.” And he shared to me the sign that he asked Jesus if it is His will that I should accept the invitation to go to Alcantara, Romblon. My husband gave me the permission to say “yes” to Sis Emily.

A few days after, we were already at sea to Romblon accompanied by a brother from her community. I was delighted and told Emily, “Oh, the sea is so peaceful,and i feel I am just sitting in our living room reading a book.” and she responded, “I told you there is nothing to worry.”

It was 3 ‘ oclock in the morning when I was awakened by strong waves rocking the ship as my bank bed rocked in unison. And fear gripped my soul! I tried to wake up Emily but she was so sound asleep maybe because she had experienced this many times and is no longer a thing to be afraid of.

Then I remembered the Hymn of the angels and its promise when in danger at sea. So I started to pray, “Holy, holy, holy……
while my heart was telling Jesus, You are the master of the sea, please command it to be calm again.” I had not yet finished the 27x of the Holy, holy, holy when the waves stopped dancing and the sea became calm again. My heart, too, stopped its wild beating and like the sea became at peace again.

We reached Alcantara, Romblon safely. And the week end Healing seminar was so fruitful for those more or less 200 people who came, some of them walked a long, long way from the far away barrios just to listen to the word of God and be healed in the Name of Jesus.

Luke 5:15 —

“Crowds of people came to hear the Word of God and be healed from their diseases.”

I could never thank God enough for saying “Yes” to him. If I did’nt, I could not had experienced the power of the Hymn of the angels when in peril at sea and I would have deprived you, my friends of this miracle story.

Everytime I travel by air, I pray the Holy Rosary, and after that, I continouosly pray the Hymn of the Angels so that the flight will be free from the turbulances along the way.

One time, together with our Mother General, we went to San Jose, Antique via Ilo-ilo City. One stewardess of the plane was the daughter of a friend and she was so happy to see me. I didn’t know that during the flight she observed that I was praying almost non-stop with my Rosary beads on my hands.

When I came home from Antique, I encountered the mother of the stewardess and she told me, ” Oh, my daughter asked me to tell you of her request….”that I go with her in all her flights.” That was a very amazing request and I laughed and asked, “But why?”
And she told me that according to her daughter, the flight to Ilo-ilo from Manila and back is always turbulent. However, during the flight that I was in the plane, it was very smooth and peaceful but on their way back to Manila, again the plane rocked with the air pockets.

I laughed so heartily and told her it is not necessary for me to accompany her in all her flights and promised to give her my
secret … the prayerof the angels and saints in heaven. And true to my promise I gave the mother and daughter the copies of the prayer. And they became faithful to it. After a year or so. she got married and made me one of her principal sponsors in her wedding. What a reward for propagating the Hymn of the Angels!!!

2 thoughts on “Hymn of the Angels (part 2)”

  1. Dear Ate Susan,

    It is a blessing for anyone to know you.. as you always give fully God’s love – JESUS –
    to anyone you meet.. I am fortunate to be one of your friends who has receive
    your counsel, quidance and especially in your prayer petitions..

    Thank you again for Your Selfless Heart of Sharing Your Beautiful Poems of..
    Miracles happen everyday WHEN WE PUT OUR FAITH IN GOD!

    Lovingly, Ate Rica

  2. Dear Ate Susan,

    Thank you for your Poems… a proof of how JESUS lives in your heart and soul..

    Simple but Beautiful with all it’s Serenity of how JESUS has transformed and blessed YOU.


    Ate Rica

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