Hymn of the Angels

The Hymn of the Angels was described in the Book of Isaiah 6:1-3. He had a vision fo God seated on His throne with Seraphims stationed above as they cried to one another, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Hosts! All the earth is filled with His glory!”

In Revelations 4:8, St John described also his vision of four living creatures with six wings around the throne of God who do not stop exclaiming day and night: Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, Who was, Who is, and Who is to come.”

We, too are familiar with this hymn because we sing this during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and many more lyrics of songs were adapted from this hymn sung in heaven.

However, it was only in June 1986, when i became an Adorer of the Holy Trinity, that I came to understand the power of this song and the promises for those who sing or pray it.

Let me just write a few of these promises that we chant during our adoration of the Holy Trinity:

  1. This hymn that is so mighty, sung by the choirs from heaven, the Might of the Holy Church against the power of hell!
  2. Death shall never come to you, lightning and thunder shall pass, to those who pray this hymn of grace, of praise and love divine.
  3. To a rainbow it is like from the waters to the sky: from wind, fire it will shield us.
  4. Evil things shall pass away to the man who is pure of heart, the devil can never touch for God dwells in his heart.

Everytime I give a talk and reflection about this Hymn of the angels to the new members of the Adorers of the Holy Trinity, I encourage them to invoke the angels and saints in heaven to allow them to join in their singing of this hymn of praise and glory to the Holy Trinity. I also inspire them that as we sing it we are already on the job training of what we will do in heaven when we arrive there….that is why we have to be faithful to God up to the end.

Now, let me share with you my experiences of this mighty hymn:

It was summer, a beautiful sunny day in April 12, 1997. My youngest daughter was giving a weekend training seminar in Baguio City, Philippines and she invited me and her elder sister, and a couple family friend to join her.

Of course we were delighted and accepted her invitation. After a hearty lunch along the way in Tarlac City, we went to visit Our Lady of Manaoag in Pangasinan. It was time to proceed to Baguio and it was decided that we should travel through Kennon
Road. It was only around 2pm and everybody thought that since it was summer, there will be no landslides.

However, upon reaching the middle of Kennon Road, the sun slowly stopped shining while the white clouds turned to very dark grey and drizzles of rain started. From afar we heard peals of thunder coming our way. And suddenly, the thunderstorm!!! The drizzle turned into rain pouring heavily from the sky with a zero visibility in front of us.It was dark as midnight without a single star to light our way. The fog lights became almost useless that night.

Oh, what agony! With the harsh rain and stones, big and small falling on the top of our car, while lightning danced to the tune of the angry thunderstorm, human as we were, fear of our earthly sojourn tried to creep deeply into our hearts. It was a dark, dark night in mid afternoon but for us it was an evening of prayers.

After praying the Holy Rosary, our God of compassion inspired me to lead the prayer of the HYMN of the ANGELS and SAINTS in heaven. And together. we prayed from our hearts in tears: Holy, Holy, Holy Lord, God of Host. Heaven and earth are filled with Your Glory! Glory to the Father, Glory to the Son, Glory to the Holy Spirit!

And as we prayed continuously from our hearts, little by little the storm weakened and died away. The thunders and lightning flew in fear of the hymn, the stones stopped falling and the sun lighted again the grim sky with its brightness as if nothing happened.

We safely arrived in Baguio City, unscathed. And the amazing thing was, not a dent on our car despite the big and small stones of the landslide.

A MIRACLE? Yes, it was and more than that. It was a proof of the covenant of God to those who pray this mighty hymn of heaven…..”Death shall never come to you, lightning and thunder shall pass, to those who pray this hymn of grace, of praise and love divine.”

One thought on “Hymn of the Angels”

  1. I am the elder daughter of sualai, and yes this is an experience i can never forget! I was so afraid I thought we were all going to die at that time! I know so coz ! can still remember when i was in my elementary years in school, the bus where my teacher rode going to Baguio fell from the cliff in Kennon Road because of a landslide. There were other incidents too i’m sure, as it is really dangerous to pass that road during the rainy season.

    Bad luck for us coz we never thought that it will be raining at that time coz it was summer and that is a shorter way going to Baguio. It was such a great ordeal while waiting for the rain to stop for we can’t be stopping the car. It will be risky as it’s zero visibility and we might be hit by another vehicle, so we just moved on slowly. While doing so, my Mom told us to pray the Holy, Holy.Holy Lord God. I was so afraid that we might die, that i’ve never really prayed so hard as much as i prayed then! Then the rain stopped and the sun showed up!

    What a relief! Well, that’s the good luck or shall we say the miracle! I was so thankful that day that our ordeal was over! And here I am still alive and kicking!!!

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