The Fire In San Diego California

Another promise for those who pray this hymn of praise: “from wind and fire it will shield us.”

The fire in San Diego, California started in October 23, 2007 and destroyed many houses in San Diego, Rancho Bernardo, Rancho Sta Fe, Poway, Escondido, Ramona, etc. When I saw the news of the fire in television, the first thing I did after a short prayer was to call one of the leaders from Penasquitos and requested her to hang a Brown Scapular on their front door and to face the direction where the fire was and together with her husband pray the Hymn of the angels unceasingly so their house and all those in their area will be spared. Then I called up all the other leaders of the Adorers of the Holy Trinity in San Diego County and gave them the same instructions and asked them also to call up all the members of our community.

After the fire, these people have their own stories to tell: the miracle of the Holy Trinity in sparing their homes and the homes of their love ones. They are one in giving their testimony that the wind changed its direction as they prayed and even chant the Holy, Holy, Holy God of Host! Heaven and earth are full of your glory. Glory to the Father, glory to the Son, glory to the Holy Spirit!

To all those who prayed this hymn of the angels and saints in heaven, their homes were all spared from the fire.
So again, I ask… this a coincidence or is it a miracle?

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