Divinized Day (Part 2)

In Part 1 of Divinized Day I wrote that when all day long we live the true spirit of the Morning Offering, and that is to think, to speak, to do, and to suffer for the love of God through our Lord Jesus and in His Name, then we will enjoy a blessed happy day, thanking God for a great priviledge He has gifted us.

A Divinized Day is a day wherein we make continuous acts of love and gratitude to the God. However we have to unite all of these with all the merits of the Passion and Precious Blood of Jesus being offered in all the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass everyday in the world.

When the Blessed Mother spoke to my heart about the kind of offering I made to Jesus (stated in Part 1), I started to reflect on the deep meaning of this prayer. I had learned to be very creative in everything i did and learned to really enjoy them because love gives joy to the soul.

Let me thus explain through my own experiencial knowledge of this beautiful privilege and gift of God not only to me but to you, my friends as well.

To Think ; To Speak: I used to be critical and sometimes judgemental of other people in thoughts and oftentimes being vocal about them. And then, I came to realize….”Is this my offering to the Lord for this day? Therefore, if I think of bad and negative thoughts and speak of foul language then, those are my offerings to God. What a shame, indeed, when i should offer thoughts and words of love to Him.

And so I learned how to pray: “Come, O Most Holy Trinity and make Your dwelling place in my heart and soul. Take possession of me and direct my thoughts, words and actions that I maybe pleasing to You.

O Holy Spirit, beloved of my soul, teach me wnat to say to every person I meet and encounter and how to say it in a way that will be pleasing to God. Prompt me to be silent when I should be silent and to speak when I should speak just like Jesus, with love and compassion, with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, with humility and kindness, with firmness if necessary yet with mercy, with gentleness but with authority and always with a forgiving heart. Amen.

To Do: When God brought me to California, I never thought that He will bring me back to the basics…..cooking, washing the dishes, doing my laundry, sweeping the fallen leaves around the house and other chores I had not done for many years. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ah, our loving God, so full of surprises!!! But I do thank Him for that because I never realized I had missed so many opportunities to offer many acts of love and gratitude to HIm Who is so good to me and to all of us.

You know, my dear friends, when we start to live the spirit of the Morning Offering, we also start to be creative. Ha ha ha ha ha And so, let us start with washing the dishes. Oh, I know that some of you have dishwashers but I am also sure that nowadays, we want to reduce our electric bills, right? And the right way is to go back to our sinks….!!

Now look at the piles of dishes, glasses, forks and spoons, perhaps cookwares you used for cooking, in the sink! I beg of you to read on before you plan to use paper plates and plastic spoons and simply buy cooked food so your beautiful cookwares will remain just decors in your kitchen. Have you ever imagined that those dirty piles of dishes,etc. are souls of sinners? I did!!!!

And because Jesus thirsts for souls and so do I (I learned to imitate Him through His grace), I start to pick up each piece carefully and with love because it is priceless and beloved by God and wash it clean with soap and water which I imagine as graces of God. And then I tell Jesus, “Here is a soul I do not know who but i do believe you had won him/her through conversion.” The number of pieces I washed clean corresponds to the number of conversions Jesus won. Isn’t that a cause for celebration?

Let me give you other examples of creativity in doing acts of love for Jesus:

  1. Washing the clothes. Imagine again the dirty clothes as souls to be offered to God as in washing the dishes.
  2. Sweeping the dried fallen leaves. Way back in 1985, we had seven majogany trees around the house. In January and February they shed all their leaves just like fall here in America. At first, I was really vexed, what with the many leaves to be swept everyday. However the Holy Spirit inspired me to see the leaves as souls so dried and brittle for lack of love, languishing in sin and no one perhaps to pray for them….and I began to enjoy sweeping all those leaves with love and care for they are the representations of the souls Jesus were waiting to come back to Him. Sometimes, there were leaves hidden in between the roots, and I carefully and lovingly pull them one by one to be given to Jesus also. I imagined them to be the souls who resisted the grace of God and did not want to repent. But love heals, that was why I clothed with love my act of pulling them out from under the protruding roots. I brought all the leaves together in a corner at back of our house and set them on fire. As I watched the fire burning the leaves, I imagined the fire as the fire of love of the Heart of Jesus consuming all the sins of those unknown souls to me but known to Jesus and all of them went back to Jesus converted and cleansed. I did all these in prayer while praising God at the same time.
  3. Cooking. I did my cooking as an act of love and service to God and also to my family. When my children were still unmarried and still live with my husband and me, I remember that if my mission will last for one week, then I cooked for them, food good for one week with individual label for each container and kept them in the freezer or in the refrigerator to be heated when they arrived home. The food I cooked with love became the symbol of my loving presence in my absence.

To Suffer:

  1. Pangs of hunger – everytime i felt pangs of hunger, especially in those years that I used to fast (I am now diabetic and can’t fast), I pray a prayer of offering, ” Father, I offer to you all these pangs of hunger in union with the merits of the 40 days of fasting of Jesus for the hungry and the conversion of sinners.”
  2. My Accident…. – Way back in 1979, I met an accident. Our teachers in grade school taught us to “stop, look, and listen; look to the right and look to the left before crossing a street.” And I did!!! The street was empty so I crossed. But when I was already in the middle of the street, all of a sudden a bicycle bumped me and I fell down the street. Oh, thank God, my sister saw what happened and came to assist me as I limped back to our botique….but not before she boxed the cyclist. Ha ha ha ha ha!

    There was nothing to worry about broken bones but in an hour or so, my left leg became black and blue, swollen, with excruciating pains from my thigh down. I was moaning and crying when I heard a gentle and sweet voice in my heart. That was the first time I heard the Father spoke to my heart…and He said,”What are those compared to My Son’s?” And the more I cried as I recalled the sufferings of Jesus during His Passion….it was then that the Holy Spirit inspired me to offer my sufferings to God through a prayer of offering which follows:

    Loving Father, I praise and thank You for these pains that You allowed me to suffer. Yes, what are these pains compared to the pains and sufferings of Jesus, Your Son? I offer You everything that I am undergoing now for the conversion of sinners, for the dying who most need of Your mercy and those who resist Your grace and do not want to repent, for those who are sick, despairing and cannot
    accept Your permissive will, for the peace on earth, for the reparation of sins in the world and my own sins, and for the poor souls in purgatory. I offer all these through the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary in union with all the merits of the Passion of Jesus. Amen.

    Every time I prayed this prayer I was alleviated from my pains. But when the pain returned, and sometimes more painful, I prayed again the prayer of offering. I was made to understand that I was alleviated from the pains because Jesus and Mary had applied all the merits of my sufferings to particular souls. And when my pains came back it meant I have to offer again the prayer of offering. It was
    much, much later that I learned that this is the meaning of redemptive or salvific suffering….when we accept the painful
    things or events that God allowed, we receive merits and when we lovingly and generously offered everything to God
    through the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, God apply them to particular souls. I shared all these things to many people and they had the same testimonies of their pains being alleviated after the prayer of offering.

  3. George and Hector (not their real names) – George had lung cancer with only a year to live according to his doctor. A friend brought him to our community to become an Adorer of the Holy Trinity. And he was assigned to me for prayers and counselling, and I became his counsellor and prayer warrior. I shared to George what I learned about the salvific value of human sufferings and encouraged him to pray the offering prayer which he faithfully did. When we pray for someone intensely, we also feel the physical suffering of that person at the very same time that he/she is suffering the pains and we call this sympathetic pains. So many times i had also suffered the the pain of George’s lung cancer, and I tell you, my friends, you will call on the Name of Jesus when it comes. I often told George, be humble in accepting your purgatory here on earth, and bear it patiently. To cut the long story short, the one year term given to George was extended to one and a half years. George was not handsome but when the time for him to go back to the Father came, his face was
    so radiant with joy because in life, he was given the privilege to suffer with Jesus.

    Hector had bone cancer with also one year to live; his pain was much worse than lung cancer. His wife requested me to visit him to be counselled and to be prayed over for he already twice attempted to commit suicide. The first time I visited Hector, he was lying on his bed, his face full of hopelessness. I gave him a sweet smile but he returned it with a very sad one. As I sat beside his bed, I just listened
    to his confession of desiring to really end his life because he felt so useless and a great burden to his family, especially to his wife. Oh, I felt so much compassion for him not only because of his condition but more of his lack of knowledge that he was among the chosen ones whom Jesus calls blessed….and I said to him, “Do you realize that you are not useless? He looked at me with surprised eyes and said,
    “but how could i be useful when I cannot even get out of my bed?” And I answered him with a smile, “If you will be willing, then you could be a missionary in bed.” “But, how?”, he asked…..And again I explained about the salvific and redemptive value of human sufferings plus the story of my accident. When I asked him if was willing to try doing it for Jesus, he said, “Yes, I want to be useful in my own little
    way.” So I called his wife and we prayed over him. I left their house with a happy heart.

    The second time I visited Hector, his face was already glowing and he was all smiles when he greeted me. The sadness and hopelessness were all gone. And I returned his greetings not only with a smile but also with a joyous praising and thanksgiving to God. And he was so excited as he shared to me how he was alleviated with his pains everytime he prayed the offering prayer. As I watched him talk I saw a different Hector now, someone so alive and happy in the midst of his sufferings and with the knowledge that at anytime he will go back to his Creator. And he did, just like George, but with a happy heart knowing that the prayer of offering of his sufferings had caused many conversions of sinners.

  4. Severe Headache – Let us recall the Crowning of Thorns of our Lord Jesus Christ. Could our headache be more painful than His? Let us then offer to the Father our severe headache or maybe migraine in union with the merits of the painful wounds inflicted on His Sacred Head during the crowning of thorns for proud people, for those who have brain cancer or tumor, etc.
  5. Backpains – Have we ever imagined the pain of being scourged until our bodies are bloodied from all the wounds we received from flagellation? How blessed we are because we share in His painful agony of the scourging at the pillar. Let us offer then to the Father our own backpains in union with all the merits of Jesus scourging for all sexual sins, for all who has lung cancer, for all who has tuberculosis, etc….and for the intentions of the Heart of Jesus.
  6. Pains – There are so many more different kinds of pains that we suffer, but the most painful are those of interior suffering, the pain of rejection, persecution, the pain of being unloved, the struggle in choosing between the will of God and our own will, pain of loosing a loved one, the interior sufferings of parents for their wayward child, the interior pains of the children, especially the youth whose parents have no quality time for them, and so on…..it is in these situations that we have to surrender everything to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the seat of His Divine Mercy. It is He Who had experienced so many incomparable interior sufferings Who will understand and to Whom we could gather strength and consolations. And the Blessed Mother whose Heart was in painful sorrow as she watched the Passion of her Son, we could always call on her, “Mother, help me.”……as we wont to call “Inay!” (Mother) everytime we experience pain or danger.

One thought on “Divinized Day (Part 2)”

  1. Now I understand why you have pains, and sufferings, it is a ministry pala. Kaya I am always wondering and have been asking our God why do you have to suffer that much in your ministry. It is part of your calling pala brought about by that bicycle accident. Iba din talaga kung tumawag si Lord.

    The story of George and Hector is a very powerful testimony and sharing specially for those who are in deep pain and severe suffering.

    Let go, Let go reminded me of my past, kakaiyak talaga, but it reminds me of God’s love for me, teaching me to live by faith during my feeling of spiritual dryness. It was very touching and a true confession.

    Well done!

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