Sualai is a seventy year old widow and mother of what she calls her four treasures, her children with their spouses and grandmother of three boys.

She is also a Lay Missionary of the Missionary Servants of the Holy Trinity, based in QC, Philippines; and a member of the Council of Elders of the Adorers of the Holy Trinity Foundation, Inc., the lay counterpart of the MHST. She was the fifth National Servant Leader of the AHTF, Inc. in the Philippines for two years, in 2006-2007.She was also the head of the Speaker’s Bureau and Education Ministry of AHTF , which gives JOLT ( Journey to a Life in the Trinity) Seminars and Formation Seminars in different parishes. At present she shepherds the communities of adorers in USA and Canada, visiting them and giving them recollections and inspirational talks.

She wrote and published a book of poetry, copyrighted¬†¬© 2007 with the title of “In Love With Love”, which according to the priest who wrote the Foreword, is the story of the vine and the wine; In Love With Love being the wine that was produced by Sualai, the vine.
And this book makes the reader laugh and cry… and love again.

However, the main interest of Sualai’s heart is to bring the Holy Trinity Devotion to more families through the Family Home Adoration of the Holy Trinity and to organize many more Perpetual Adoration of the Holy Trinity before the Blessed Sacrament in parishes. She desires to bring Jesus to people, being the key to the indwelling of the Holy Trinity, thus, giving Jesus more souls who will desire to know more about the Holy Trinity and love, adore and serve them more everyday, faithfully with a pure heart, through Christ, our Lord and Savior, with Mary, our Blessed Mother and St. Joseph.

Sualai is in memory of her father who gave her this pet name since she was a little girl.

She researched the meaning of Sualai and learned that in Chinese, Sua means “stream” and lai means “come“. A stream is a continuously flowing fresh water and everybody is invited to come and drink its life giving sweetness … for water gives life!

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