Divinized Day (Part 2)

In Part 1 of Divinized Day I wrote that when all day long we live the true spirit of the Morning Offering, and that is to think, to speak, to do, and to suffer for the love of God through our Lord Jesus and in His Name, then we will enjoy a blessed happy day, thanking God for a great priviledge He has gifted us.

A Divinized Day is a day wherein we make continuous acts of love and gratitude to the God. However we have to unite all of these with all the merits of the Passion and Precious Blood of Jesus being offered in all the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass everyday in the world.

When the Blessed Mother spoke to my heart about the kind of offering I made to Jesus (stated in Part 1), I started to reflect on the deep meaning of this prayer. I had learned to be very creative in everything i did and learned to really enjoy them because love gives joy to the soul.

Let me thus explain through my own experiencial knowledge of this beautiful privilege and gift of God not only to me but to you, my friends as well.

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Divinized Day

Often times I ask my listeners about their attitudes in what they do at home, at their place of work, in their communities, etc. And most of the time their answers varied according to what they do. One answered, she hated her household chores. When I asked her why, she readily answered it was too boring for her. Another said it was too much heavy for her, and so on. A man said he hated his boss and associates and other numberless things to grumble about. Ha ha ha ha ha!….i remembered I was like them before.

Until, one morning, as i half-heartedly folded my laundry, I heard a sweet but sad voice in my heart, asking me, “Is that what you are offering to My Son?” It was then that I recognized it was the Blessed Mother speaking to my heart.

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The Robust Beggar

The story of the robust beggar is one of my favorite sample sharing whenever I give talks or reflections about almsgiving. After I gave the story I also challenge my listeners as I will do now to my readers.

As i had written in my other article, there are different kinds of beggars, the blind, the cripple, a mother with child, the old and the youth. But there is another kind that is more painful to give alms and that is a robust beggar. So many people expressed their anger against this kind of people who beg.

So, let me tell you a story…. There was a very robust man who just received his parole from a national penitentiary. He was so happy and full of hope in facing a new world, a new life.

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In the silence of the night, my thoughts wandered until I found myself climbing the stairs of the overpass in Baclaran. On every step there was a beggar, sometimes an old woman, an old man, a youth, or a mother with her child, a cripple, a blind, etc. Almost all of them have their hands outstreched asking for alms, while the blind and the crippled have tin cans or buri hats where coins were dropped by generous people.

I remembered that there came a point in my life that I made ready my coin purse before I went up the stairs of Baclaran’s overpass or when I walked a street to a church because it was there that the beggars were lined. But why?

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