Let Go….Let Go

In silence, I suffer
Alone, I cry…..

In my thoughts,
I argue
I convince
I explain
I justify

In my heart,
I feel hurt and pain
A sense of regret
A sense of wondering.

I question, “where did I go wrong?”
I loved yet I failed, I loved yet I hurt
I search for answers
I search for myself

I end up with I don’t know
I am lost
There is no me anymore
I am lost.

I don’t know who am I anymore
I don’t know what I feel anymore
I don’t know
I don’t know.

I am numb
I am hurting but I don’t feel
I want to cry but I can’t
I want to express but I could not.

I pray but I don’t know what to say
I asked forgiveness but I can’t seem to feel sincerity
I asked for guidance yet I can’t comprehend
I submitted myself yet I can’t seem to trust fully.

I hope yet it seemed dark and confusion all the more
I want to give up yet I grasp on like I don’t want to let go
I am falling to pieces yet I don’t seem to care and
I don’t take action.

I am not me…..
I can’t go on like this….
I should….I must…..
But how?

Where should I go?
What path should I take?
Why should it be?
When will this end?

I don’t know!!! I want to go
Away where I can be…..
Let go……let go……

Well, my friends, did I make you teary eyed? I believe the message is….
Let go…let go….
And let God do the rest. Amen?


Where Are You?

We met at the beach of Friendship
With white sands of joy and laughter
Peace and serenity.

And together we went sailing
Until we reached
The deep sea of love.

Why did you bring me there and then
Left me alone to its giant waves of fear
And depression trying to engulf me?

Where are you?
Where are you?
Have you reached the shore safely?

My Secret Longings (Excerpt from my book “In Love With Love”)

For Husbands and Wives:

Are you aware of your spouse’s longings?

Beloved, I long to share with you
My joy when a new poem is born.

To make you listen to the love songs
I hear of the birds at dawn.

From your lips I long to hear again
The words of love that makes me glow.

The way the buds bloom with every kiss
Of the morning dew.

Just A Little

For The Youth, The Sons and Daughters, For Parents

Ears strumming with shouts…..
Eyes filled with tears…..
Heart full of sadness…..
Feelings of bitterness…..

Not wanting much from the world…..
Just a little note of concern…..
Just a little kindness…..
A simple deed of care…..
A little gentleness…..
A little hint of love…..

Yet, why do I feel guilty…..
when I am too tired…..
when I miss my chores…..
when I ask money…..
when I eat more than my share…..
when I am sick…..

A little concern…..
A little care…..
A little sympathy…..
A little gentleness…..
A little love…..

Not too much to ask from you…..
Is it?……

Birthday Poem: Love Poem of a Daughter

On my first birthday here in CA in May 2007, my youngest daughter, suprised me with a very touching poem in multi-colored letters for framing. I should say she is also a poet in her own heart and i thank God for this. Ha ha ha ha! Could it be that it runs in the blood? But i did cry when I read her masterpiece of love and i hugged her tightly in thanksgiving.

At first, I was reluctant to post this poem but then i remembered that I want to give glory to God for blessing my daughter in describing Sualai in that poem.

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I Silently Cry To Myself

Today, as I silently cry to myself
I promised..
I will try to get my life back
I will try to change the direction of my destiny
that had gone wayward.

Today, as I silently cry to myself
I try to soothe the pain and the hurt
I try to lift up myself
I try to encourage myself that I can get back
my feet on the ground.

Today, as i silently cry to myself
I tell myself to be strong
I tell myself I can handle this
I tell myself I can go on.

Today, as I silently cry to myself
I call on God to help me with
what I am going through.
I lift it up to HIm and say “Thy will be done”.

I realized, I cannot silently cry to myself
I realized, I have to cry to Him
I realized, I cannot handle this alone.

Then, I silently cry, not to myself.
I silently cry and call on help!

Bible Reference for Meditation and Reflection:

1 Corintians 10:13 – God is faithful and will not let you be tried beyond your strength; but with the trial He will also provide a way out, so that you may be able to bear it.

Romans 8:37 – In all these things we conquer overwhelmingly through Him who loved us.

Yes, my friends, like Paul, we can say to ourselves, “Through Jesus Christ , who loves us, we will be completely victorious in everything.” Amen,


I miss the beauty of your prose!
I miss the writer………
My friend, do you still exist?
Have you forgotten me?

Somehow, I know you are somewhere
A place I know exist
And yet beyond my reach
But you are there…..


Yet, I could hear your “ahhhs” and “ohhhs”
As I listen to the master’s
Vibrant flowing notes
Filling my heart with hope…..

That soon I would hear again
The sound of the mailman’s voice
Calling my name, “a mail for you”
And my soul will be filled with joy!

I would hear again
The song of the birds at dawn
And the rustle of the leaves as they dance
To the symphony of the breeze.

And I, too, will dance happily
To the tune of the strings of a violin
Playing “The Blue Danube”
My feet on the air!!!

Inspirational Poem: Love

Let us learn and be aware
that joy and desolation
live together in this world.

Once, I tried to break away
from being a slave of desolation
but it ran after me
to imprison me again
in his kingdom of darkness,
of fears and confusions
of so many negative emotions.

And so, I ran faster….and faster
and still faster until I was breathless
and then
I met LOVE!

I greeted her
with my very sad smile
but she opened wide her arms
and embraced me tightly
with a happy smile.

LOVE possessed me!!!!
I am so grateful believing
i can do everything now
with love, with joy
and face adversities with serenity
and a SMILE!

Now, I am secured
with the thought that
I am loved, so must
give LOVE
in return!

Inspirational Poem: Prayer

My friend,

if we clothe everything we do
with prayers, love, faith and hope
and lace it with a
forgiving heart
then miracles happen.

if at first, we fail to notice them
let’s look again….and again…..and again
and slowly, we will perceive
with the eyes of faith
what naked eyes failed
to behold in awe and wonder.


if we pray, our starving faith
will be nourished
and it will produce more love
that will make us alive
with zeal leading us into action
for idle faith will not bring us
to the fulfillment
of our dreams.

If you believe me, my friend
then, our love,
our faith,
our hope
our forgiving
will sing together
with the melody of the prayer
of thanksgiving to God
for the birth of receiving much
and giving more!