Why? What? Who?

Hi! Thanks God, i don’t have to work today so i can catch up to my back -log entries for the web site. ha ha ha ha ha! It seems i am getting serious with this ministry of reaching out to people in the world. Wow, what a dream!

You were asking me what motivated me to write those inspirational poems and why. Oh, as you know, I was once in that world called “desolation” so I fully understand how it felt to be desolate, how to grope in the dark, so to speak; and how I was able to get out of that dark dungeon of near hopelessness with the help of God and His grace.

My heart and soul became on fire with so much inspiration to write and share my own experiences, my thoughts and victories over all the ugliness and pain of being desolate. God is so good all the time and that is the heart of all!

Who is “My friend” , you may ask, too.

Ahhh, YOU, my readers are the friends of Sualai. But, why?….because as you daily read on my articles, you come to know me, for in them i bared my soul and a soul is only bared to a dear friend. And so, I could tell you, “You are no longer a stranger, you are a friend because a stranger doesn’t know a thing about someone.”