The Joy of Giving

Like everybody, when I receive a gift or a surprise from my loved ones or friends, especially when they are the desires of my heart, I feel so much joy coupled with gratitude in my heart.

However, that happiness cannot be surpassed by the joy that giving does to my inmost being; for the very reason that what I give, especially to those who are really in need, is my love clothed with the very love of Jesus. This is why it produces oftentimes the welling up of tears and lumps to my throat seeing so much joy and gratitude in the eyes of the recipients.

Ahhhhh, the mystery of love is GOD!!!

Love Is Like A Star

I was choosing a stationary for my e-mail, and I fell in love with the blue and white stars sprinkled against a background of a blue, blue sky.

It reminded me of someone and so I sent this dear friend of mine an e-mail. Jokingly, I wrote….” when you fall in love, hold it in your hands like a star!!!” And….let it shine forever!

Love is like a star, it twinkles in the eyes of the lover.

And I added….just trying to be poetic. Ha ha ha ha ha

New Year!

Twelve midnight!!! Justin, my grandson was jumping up and down while shouting at the top of his voice, “Happy New Year!” And in chorous, we answered in jubilation, “Happy New Year!”

And to 2009, I greeted it with ” Happy Birthday” , with a birthday wish of….” May ‘you’ have a blessed, bountiful, peaceful, and happy year.” Ha ha ha ha, I wonder if I am the lone wisher of 2009 who said it in a very personal way.

As I bade my good-bye to 2008, i did not forget to say my “thank you” to it. The old year has brought with it the memories of my joys, accomplishments, pains and sorrows, unfulfilled dreams, meeting new friends and many more. The thanksgivings are for all the lessons and the wisdom I gained and received the whole year round.

And to God, I did thank Him for 2008! And for the hope that 2009 brings, I could never thank Him enough!

And to everybody, “Shalom” and Happy New Year!!!


At last I have decided to use the Internet as a medium of sharing my experiences and writings about my life as a Christian. I hope that what I put here will serve as an inspiration to those who read them.